Private jet transfers Italy

Are you sitting comfortably? When you fly in a private jet, chosen to suit your exact requirements, you get the best out of your day.  You and your guests will enjoy being in the comfort of a space reserved entirely for you.

When we receive your request, HeliJet chooses the aircraft that is best suited to your needs.

Our flight team will take complete care of you, accompanying you on board just a short time before take-off, with all safety procedures respected.

Fly to and from several Italian cities in one day if you wish.  We can use secondary airports which are located the nearest to your destination, so that you lose no time… or your luggage.

Freedom, flexibility and attention paid to the smallest details all add up to provide you with a unique and exclusive trip.

Time is luxury

and we transform it into a tailor-made experience

no crowds

limited contact

fast boarding


Because our multilingual flight coordinators: Italian, English and Russian, are able to quickly offer the best air solution and any further assistance required.

It's necessary to send the request, even 24-48 hours before departure, simply by filling out the form on the site, in order to receive an adequate and complete response by e-mail. If you are interested to confirm, you will receive telephone support and our Official Offer, including: flight details, type of aircraft and cancellation policy. For Acceptance, we request the signature from the Official Offer sent and the credit card details to finalize the payment; bank transfer is another available option.

The customer will receive the voucher with all details: description of the service requested with indication of payment, route, flight time, number of passengers, type of aircraft, crew, handler companies chosen at the airports and contacts of our flight coordinator

It's necessary to reach the Departures Terminal just 20 minutes earlier than the scheduled time. The meeting point will be at the reserved and dedicated handler office, where the captain will accompany you through the dedicated and reserved access by walk and in case with private MiniVan to your private jet. All control procedures will be fast, safe and confidential.

The flight coordinator will be the customer's point of reference, ready to satisfy further requests, such as for example: catering service with personalized menus, assistance for passengers with reduced mobility, reservations of private cars with drivers before departure or after arrival and also a private helicopter from the location of the origin to the airport of departure or from the airport of arrival to your final destination.

For work or tourism reasons, with a private flight it's possible to reach secondary airports or multi-leg stopovers even within the same day.